Aria + Christmas 2016


For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”- Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas


Newborn Photos: Aria

Add being stripped down, placed in a basket, and having a camera very close to her face to the list of things that makes my newborn cry. Diaper changes and being nakey in general also top that list. Hair washing, nursing and cuddling are my two week old’s favorite activities, and my world consists of managing the likes and dislikes to this little human’s satisfaction.

I am loving getting to know my daughter and had to capture her teeny tiny face before she grows too big!

Camille Annalise

My sister was strolling through Sports Authority in search of tennis shoes when she first felt the tell-tale warm sensation and soon realized she was not peeing her pants. At 35 weeks, my sister’s water broke in the mall with all three children, including the two year old. She calmly, yet quickly, rounded up the troops with, thankfully, a friend’s assistance and drove herself to the hospital in a rental Chrysler Town ‘N Country.

If you remember anything about the last time my sister gave birth to my nephew Crew, she didn’t have time to relax because we all assumed the baby would be delivered within an unnatural 30 minutes or so.

We soon found out that this baby girl had a different plan in mind and preferred to make her momma wait through contractions (like a normal person’s delivery).

My family and I patiently waited into the evening until the three younger boys were ready to fall out from need of sleep. My sweet husband (bless him) took kid duty and my mother, Keanna’s dad, and myself were committed for the long haul.

After a dose and then another of Pitocin, I received a text message around 1:20am that she was 5 cm then about 2 minutes later another that said 7 cm and the final text from my sister which simply stated: “moving very quickly.”

At 1:51am Camille Annalise made a grand entrance into her yet undiscovered world.  And we all immediately fell in love with my family’s first little princess.







DSC_1836 - Version 2





Crew is entirely unsure of what to make of this little squirmy thing. I see jealousy issues in the near future…

DSC_1853 - Version 2







The oldest and the youngest.









A newborn’s cry is the sweetest sound.






Camille Annalise Waldeck

5lbs. 11 oz.

July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


My Spot

Everyone has a favorite spot in their home.

My husband and I just bought our first home, and I have been trying out different spots to read and relax. Today, I have decided on my favorite and technically it’s not in the home, but rather outside.

After approximately six and a half years of living the dorm/apartment/duplex life, I finally have a yard! A big one, with grass, trees, and a deck. It’s a simple but momentous thing to have a place to enjoy the outdoors- especially when you have two large dogs. So, Roxy, Django, and I have agreed to dub the back yard our spot. Because let’s be honest my alone time always includes my two furry children.

Roxy has decided that her favorite place in the yard is under the deck, in the dirt. E.g. face of guilt.


Django’s favorite spot is anywhere I’m sitting… he’s a little attached.


* Django just had a certain part of his anatomy removed so don’t mind his cone head.

As for me, I sit in a lawn chair and do this…


Soon enough we will invest in patio furniture and I can include others into my favorite spot. The again, maybe I’ll wait. 😉

Here’s the face of a dog who Loves her new back yard.


Sunshine, dogs, a big book, and good music. My version of a vacation at home.

Stinkin’ Cute

My nephew is quickly approaching his one year birthday and Aunt Lo attempted to capture this fast-moving cutie for the birthday invites! In pretty much every picture his tongue is sticking out and it makes him all the cuter. Happy Almost Birthday Crew Bear!










“OMG I’m turning One.”- Crew

Crew Newborn

Crew’s narration of his newborn pictures

So, my mom fed me and I was sleeping like usual.

My blankie is so comfy.

Then I heard some noises and wondered where my diaper went.

I started to stretch myself awake, my third favorite thing to do, right after eating and sleeping.

Why is Aunt Lo taking pictures of me again!?

I thought it was a little weird that they put me in a basket.

But I went with the flow and played for a little while.

I hear I’m a good-lookin’ baby.



I like my crib better than the basket, but I’ll sleep anywhere.

Whew, what a big day. Time to go back to sleep. 

Love, Crew


Over the Christmas break I was able to spend some time with my rotten little nephews, which included, the now annual, holiday picture taking session.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

And then while I was taking pictures this happened:

SURPRISE! I hope you are just as shocked as I was! This is how my sister told me she was pregnant…. I was freaking out. Cayson and Cooper had no idea what they were holding. I was trying to take pictures while hyperventilating.. it was quite the scene. She will be 7 months pregnant at my wedding. I am so pumped… now about her bridesmaid dress…